Blue Sound-Activated Cold Cathode Kit (Dual Ready)

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Product Description

The new Sound Sensitive Cold Cathode light offered by us includes settings for sound sensitive option, and an on/off option. The sound reactive mode (with an adjustable sensitivity knob) will allow the cathode to blink and react to sound waves in the area, whether it be a gunshot in your favorite action shooter, or your favorite music. The quality of the cathode itself has also risen from our standard model, making the new Sound Activated Cold Cathode the ultimate choice in case lighting.

Cold Cathode lighting is the most prominent form of case lighting on the market, and for good reasons. Unlike automotive neons, that were the first to surface in the market, our cold cathode kits were created specifically for use in computer systems. Cold cathode lamps are much less susceptible to breaking and have a much longer life span. The cold cathodes we use are rated for over 25,000 hours of burn life.

Our CCD kit puts out significantly more light than neons also. The 100% acrylic encasing allows an even distribution of light to all crevices of your installation. We have also included an inverter that has been coated with a plastic encased boxed for safety, to eliminate the likelihood of electrical shock.

This kit includes everything you need for a complete lighting solution. We include a Molex connector with power splitter, encased inverter, and acrylic tube, and a control switch box to turn cathode on/off/sound sensitive modes.

The inverter can have two lights plugged in, so make sure to upgrade to include a second lamp below.

The cold cathode mounts easily via double sided tape attached to the acrylic end cubes.

  • Three settings: On/Off/Sound Sensitive
  • Length: 12.25 inches of pure light.
  • Diameter: Demand +/- 350mA at 12VDC.
  • Average Current Damand +/- 4.3w.
  • .25 inches Encasing
  • Encased in a 100% acrylic shell, enabling 360 degrees of light
  • Special coated 12V inverter for safety.
  • Acrylic end cubes making light fully encased and non-removable
  • Huge Lifespan