8 Sound Activated Neon Cathode Kit - Tri-Color

8 Sound Activated Neon Cathode Kit - Tri-Color
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Product Description

8 Sound Activated Neon Cathode Kit - Tri-Color
Love the look of neon lighting, but you really want it to pulse to your 4 a.m. internet jam sessions? So do we! That's why we've procured these sound-activated neon cathodes. They have a more intense, yet cleaner, look than our other liquid neon kits, and come with a PCI bracket with on/off/sound-activated switch, brightness dial, and 3.5mm audio input and output (3.5mm male-to-male cable included!). You'll never have to worry about this kit not "hearing" the music, it relies on the signal directly from your audio output to pulse! These make a great addition to any PC, studio, jam room, garage, or where ever you want to put it!

  • Easy installation
  • Rear On/Off/Sound-activate switch on PCI plate
  • Low-heat Neon tube
  • 12V Inverter
  • Tube diameter: 15mm
  • Tube length: 8 inches
  • Input voltage of inverter: 12V
  • Installation tape included