SpazzStick - Mint

SpazzStick - Mint
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Product Description

"What is Spazzstick," you ask? Spazzstick is a high quality lip balm containing copious amounts of caffeine, which is absorbed directly through your lips and into your bloodstream. Developed by an Alaskan police officer, the goal was to create a product to fight off both cold wind and fatigue. We'd say it worked!

Spazzstick is made in a small Eskimo village called Kaktovik, AK, by it's inventor and his hordes of worker trolls in a vast underground volcano lair. Details on the underground volcano lair are sketchy at best, but we do know that the trolls are at least kept very clean (except, of course, the bridge trolls).

Enjoy minty freshness with a buzz!

Xoxide Zach says - I, Xoxide Zach, live here in Florida, so I don't get chapped lips that much. We only get 3 days of winter here in Florida, but I use SpazzStick all year long! This makes anybody's lips a kissable caffeinated minty slabs of flesh. Legend has it that Spazzstick was originally made in a vast underground volcano lair by the busy hands of industrious worker trolls in a beautiful little Eskimo Village called Kaktovik, AK.