Speed Freek Joystick Mod - Black

Speed Freek Joystick Mod - Black
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Speed Freek Joystick Mod - Black
Racing wheels are so last decade.

The SpeedFreek joystick mod gives gamers greater control and comfort while playing racing, aviation, and other similar movement game titles. Its unique design allows the user to relax their thumbs while still maintaining constant contact with the controller surface, and the supporting side walls enable sharper, more precise movements that feel more natural.

Here's a fun fact: the SpeedFreek joystick mod was used by ComeBakDan in the Nissan Sentra SE-R FORZA Motorsport Challenge, where he beat out 40,000 other players (many who were using full racing wheels, mind you!) to take the #1 spot. How's THAT for performance!?

Just like the FPS Freek, the SpeedFreek joystick mod is sold in sets of two, and works with both Xbox 360 AND PlayStation 3 controllers. So what are you waiting for? Snap these on your sticks and leave the competition in the dust!