SilverStone Temjin Nimiz SST-TJ03 (Black)

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Product Description

The SilverStone Temjin Nimitz is a high quality aluminum structured case. The Nimitz is in the same ballpark as a Lian Li or Coolermaster case in terms of quality. In the front of the case there are two functional swinging aluminum doors, one for access to drives and the other to the front 120mm fan and fan filter. The interior of this beauty supports three more 80mm fans throughout. One located in the top panel and two more in the rear, all for exhaust.

Overall this case is a true beauty. With super bright blue LED's in the front bezel, complete aluminum structure, great looks, and cooling this is certainly a great case.

Material Aluminum Front Panel
1.5 Aluminum Body
Motherboards Extended ATX, Standard ATX , Micro ATX
Drive Bay Exposed 5.25' x 6
Hidden 3.5' x 6
Cooling System Front 120x120x25mm Dual Ball Bearing, 2000 RPM, 21 dBA (Intake)
Rear 80x80x25mm x 2
Dual Ball Bearing
2000 RPM, 21 dBA (Exhuast)
Top 80x80x25mm Dual Ball Bearing 2000 RPM, 21 dBA (Exhaust)
Expansion Slot 7
Additional USB 2.0 port x 4
IEEE 1394 Firewire x 1
Earphone jack x 1 MIC x 1
Dimension 502mm(H)x200mm(W)x590mm(D)
Package 620mm(H)x300mm(W)x700mm(D)