Cooler Master Stacker Case - Silver (STC-T01-UW)

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Product Description

The CM Stacker is a new computer chassis from Cooler Master with extremely powerful functions. The innovative design supports Extend ATX, BTX and dual power supply, making for easy upgrading. The Cooler Master Stacker supports up to eight regular fans, giving it unmatched cooling performance. Built from 1.0 mm thick steel plate, the CM Stacker is immensely strong, with a high-quality anti-vibration stand providing extra protection for the system. Designed for maximum extensibility and allowing the user the utmost flexibility in the utilization of space, the Cooler Master Stacker makes upgrading incredibly easy, and can be configured to meet your own personal needs with minimum hassle.

The cross flow fan is an option that can be added below which allows air to be blown directly on your main components. With its adjustable fan speed controller, the available four speeds will give you the ability to adjust the speed depending on noise level and airflow. This fan is made exclusively for use with the Stacker case and is a great addition to help keep you system running cool. The specifics for the fan are below.

The STB-3T4-E1 4-in-3 Device Module is designed to convert three 5.25 inch bays into four 3.5 inch hard drive bays. It also offers an ideal cooling solution for the four hard drives it accommodates with a powerful 1200 RPM 120 mm fan that plugs into a standard four pin Molex connector. The module fits in any three consecutive open 5.25 inch bays, but comes preinstalled in the bottom most bays. The specifics for the STB-3T4-E1 are below, and additional STB-3T4-E1 4-in-3 Device Modules can be added below.

Case Specifications
  • Supports up to 11 5.25' drives
  • Moveable front control panel with 6 USB 2.0 connections
  • Maximum upgradeability; supports E-ATX and the upcoming BTX
  • Dual power positioning design
Cooling: Cooler Master Stacker supports up to 7 fans
  • Front Full mesh screen provides superior air flow; support up to three 12 cm fans
  • Top - Ultra silent 8cm Fan * 1 (exhaust)
  • Side Mesh screen on side panels provides the maximum air ventilation
  • Rear Ultra Silent 12cm Fan * 1 + 8 cm Fan * 2 (intake)
  • Tool-free installation; Supports the use of screws for permanent installation
  • Maximum flexibility in space utilization for self-assembly
  • Aluminum alloy motherboard tray frame
  • Strengthened with 1.00mm steel plates
  • Superior mechanical design for greater stability
STB-3T4-E1 Specifications
  • Device Space: 5.25 Device x 3
  • Dimension: 184 x 153 x 129 mm
  • Fan Dimension: 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed: 1200 rpm
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
  • Voltage Rating: DC12V
  • Connector: 4 Pin

Case Specifications:
Dimension: 584 mm x 227 mm x 536 mm (D x W x H)
Material: Aluminum Bezel , SECC Chassis
M/B Type: EXTEND ATX (12)
Power Supply Form Factor: Standard ATX PS2
M/B Type: Micro ATX, Standard ATX & Extended ATX(Dual CPU)
Ventilation: One 120 x 120 x 25 mm Front Fan (intake) 1200RPM 16.4 dBA
One 120 x 120 x 25 mm Rear Fan (exhaust) 1200RPM 16.4 dBA
One 80 x 80 x 25 mm Top Fan (intake) 1800RPM 23.8dBA
Additional: USB 2.0 x 6
IEEE 1394 (FireWire) x 1
Earphone jack x 1
MIC x 1

Cross Flow Fan Specifications:
Dimension: 50x50x336mm
Weight: 400g
Voltage: DC12V
Start Voltage: 5V
Current: 0.24amp
Speed (4 speeds): OFF 0 r.p.m
LOW 1400 r.p.m ( 6.5 V )
MIDDLE 1800 r.p.m ( 8.5 V )
HIGH 2500 r.p.m ( 12 V )
Noise Level: 0 dB (OFF)
22 dB (LOW)
30 dB (MIDDLE)
38 dB (HIGH)
Airflow: 0 CFM - 0 r.p.m
25 CFM - 1400 r.p.m
32 CFM - 1800 r.p.m
46 CFM - 2500 r.p.m
Pressure: 2.0mmH20
Life Expectance: 30,000 hrs
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
Application For: Cooler Master Stacker
Note: NOT compatible with extended motherboard