Stealth Switch 3

Stealth Switch 3
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Product Description

Are you still just using your hands to control your computer? That's so 20th century! The StealthSwitch 3 is a fully programmable USB foot switch capable of sending keystrokes, hotkeys, macros or mouse clicks in any program. The StealthSwitch 3 comes with configuration software for Windows (XP and Vista 32,64, Windows 7 32,64) and MAC OSX. Once programmed the configuration software is no longer required since all settings are stored in the switch hardware itself virtually eliminating the possibility of software conflicts. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If a program can be controlled with keystrokes or hotkeys, it will work with the StealthSwitch 3. Configuration is fast and easy.
  • Program keystrokes, hotkeys, macros, mouse clicks
  • Supports up to 5 switches
  • Configurator software for Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and MAC OSX
  • Supports Breeze Systems Software - Use with footswitch or arcade style buttons
  • No software required after programming - retains all settings in hardware
  • Easy to configure
  • Includes 6 foot Detachable USB Cable
  • Use as Push-to-Talk foot switch in VOIP programs like Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Xfire, World of Warcraft, etc.
  • Bind any keystroke or hotkey to switch
  • Shift mode virtually doubles the number of switches
  • Save an unlimited number of configurations
  • Easily move from computer to computer without software
  • Lifetime warranty
Just look at all of the amazing things you can do - and imagine the possibilities! Applications:
  • The StealthSwitch 3 has been used as a push-to-talk footswitch in VOIP gaming programs like Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Xfire, WOW, Second Life, etc.
  • Foot Pedal control of transcription software
  • Foot control for PC based teleprompter
  • Electronic music page turner
  • Foot Control of electronic test equipment
  • Assistive Technology Switch Interface
  • Control for Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Gamers - Bind any keystroke or hotkey in any game