Steelpad QCK Heavy - Cloth Mouse Pad

Steelpad QCK Heavy - Cloth Mouse Pad
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Product Description

Sometimes a standard sized mouse pad just doesn't cut the cheese. When you need the most mousing surface possible, look to the QCK Heavy Cloth Mouse Pad from Steelpad. A monster amongst mouse pads, the QCK Heavy is designed to ensure you never run out of mousing surface. A special non-slip rubber base prevents the pad form sliding no matter what surface the pad is placed on.

The extreme thickness of the QCK Heavy provides a very unique mousing experience that is much more soft and comfortable to the touch then your everyday mouse pad. This also helps eliminate problems from uneven surfaces making the mouse pad suitable for gaming at LAN events and other environments where gaming surfaces are often battered, tilted, or second-hand tables.

The cloth surface and heavy thickness are also very easy on the user's wrists, even for hardcore gamers, graphic designers, and others who use their mouse for extended periods of time. The ultra smooth surface of the QCK Heavy provides the perfect low sensitivity surface for those that require absolute maximum precision and accuracy.

Co-developed with the US Counter-Strike all-stars Team 3D and the Russian World-wide Quake Master mouz|cooler this pad underwent rigorous in-game testing under the most demanding gaming environments. The QCK Heavy Cloth Mouse Pad from Steelpad is the ultimate cloth mouse pad for your gaming armament.

  • XXL-sized cloth mouse pad
  • Heavy 6mm thickness eliminates uneven surfaces
  • Ideal for low sensitivity mouse settings
  • Compatible with all mice
  • Specially designed non-slip rubber base
  • Huge 450 x 400mm surface