Steelpad QCK+ Cloth Mouse Pad

Steelpad QCK+ Cloth Mouse Pad
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Product Description

Are you looking for a mouse pad that is large enough to ensure you will never run out of mousing surface while tracking opponents? Then look no further then the QCK+ Cloth Mouse Pad from Steelpad. The QCK+ Mouse Pad is the latest addition to the infamous Steelpad line. This time, though, they've decided to try their hand at making the ultimate cloth mouse pad. And, in our opinion, they have succeeded. The pad is enormous, stretching 17.7 x 15.7 inches, and insures that you will never run out mousing room.

The QCK+ provides the perfect amount of friction for low-sensitivity mouse users such as graphic and video designers, precision FPS and RTS gamers, and any environment that extreme accuracy and control is more important then speed. That’s not to say the QCK+ is slow by any means. In fact, the QCK+ is one of the fastest low-sensitivity pads you can buy! If you want the ultimate cloth mouse pad available, pick up your Steelpad QCK+ Cloth Mouse Pad today!

  • Cloth mousing surface
  • Huge (17.7x15.7”) size
  • Ultimate control, accuracy, and precision
  • Perfect for low-sensitivity gamers
  • Size: 17.7” x 15.7”
  • Designed For: Low-Sensitivity Users
  • Material: Cloth