Thermaltake Subzero 4G Thermo-Electric Cooling (AMD K7)

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Product Description

The advancement of PC processors is growing rapidly on a global scale. From 500 MHz to more than 4 GHz, today’s thermal technology is required to have higher functionality and extreme performance. Today, Thermaltake is bringing you a new part of CPU cooling code named SubZero4G™. SubZero4G™ will be the ultimate solution for today’s high-speed processor.

SubZero4G™ is designed for PC users who need lower noise level and improved performance. SubZero4G TM comprises a cooling unit, a PCI card (power and control unit) and a LED case fan.

The cooling unit consists of a cold plate, a thermo-electric module, a heat sink, and a CPU fan. The cold plate is directly mounted on the CPU. The thermo-electric module carries the heat from the cold plate to the heat sink. The CPU fan takes away the heat and case fans remove the heat to outside the case.

The PCI card includes an AC/DC power supply and a microprocessor. The microprocessor detects the temperature by ambient and CPU temperature sensors and then outputs adequate power to CPU and case fans. In short, the 3-step fan speed is controlled by the microprocessor.