Sunbeam UV LED UV BLUE Reactive Clear Case

Item# 23030
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Product Description

The Sunbeam LED Clear Acrylic Cases are designed to show off to the world exactly what you are running in your system. Constructed of high quality acrylic with metal fasteners, the LED Clear case will deliver the maximum durability a clear case can offer.

The kit includes precut acrylic panels, LEDs, wiring, cotton gloves, and all the hardware you need to assemble the case. The rear acrylic panel features a metal expansion slot and motherboard I/O port back pane to ensure strength. Super bright LEDs highlight this case’s sharp features. So don’t be afraid to show a little leg with the LED Clear Acrylic Case from Sunbeam.

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • High quality 100% acrylic case with metal fasteners
  • Gloves provided to prevent finger prints during assembly
  • User friendly design
  • Dimensions: 18.7” x 15.5” x 8.7”
  • Drive Bays:
    • 5.25” External: 4
    • 3.5” External: 2
    • 3.5” Internal: 5
  • Mainboard Form Factor: ATX, Flex ATX
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Multi Port: Back USB2.0
  • Optional Fan Mounts:
    • 1 x 80mm Front
    • 1 x 80mm Rear
    • 1 x 80mm Top
    • 2 x 80mm Side

NOTE: Second image shown with optional UV cathode fans to demonstrate the UV properties of this case.