Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill - 5.25" Black

Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill - 5.25" Black
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Product Description

Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill - 5.25" Black
The Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill brings a lively little display of colors and animations to the front of your case. This perpetrator of stunning visual fan and temperature monitoring and control is sure to ooh and ah John Q Public at your next LAN party.

Granting you control over seven fan channels and three temperature channels, the Chromatic Windmill performs its duties with accuracy. A built in alarm alerts you both visually and audibly when something is awry. A built in time and date display reminds you just how long you have gone since your last dose of caffeine.

So whether you are into nifty little animations, or maybe you are just a hardcore windmill enthusiast, the Chromatic Windmill from Sunbeam will blow you away!

  • Calendar
    • Display year, month, day, and time
    • Time in 12-hour format
  • Temperature Sensors:
    • Three sets of temperature sensors
    • User adjustable overheat alarm
    • Visual and audible alarm
  • Fan Controller:
    • Controls up to 7 fans
    • Fan speed sensing
    • Audible and visual error indicator
    • Fan speed controller
    • Fan status
  • Hard disk indicator
  • EMI Shielded wires
  • Max Fans Controlled: 7
  • Max Temp Channels: 3
  • DC Input: 12/5VDC
  • Voltage Output: 6-12VDC
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 10W per Channel, 70W Total
  • Temperature Sensors: 3
  • Temperature Range: 25-80 Degrees Celsius