Sunbeam Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller

Sunbeam Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller
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Product Description

Sunbeam Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller

Smart Way Controlling of all Fans & Airflow. The Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller is designed to make any existing 3-pin fan automatically regularized by the PWM signal from the Motherboard! With six independent channels at a maximum of 30W/channel, a wide selection of fans can be supported.

The Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller operates in two different modes; when connected to a PWM-enabled motherboard, you can allow the system to auto-adjust fan speed through the motherboard's temperature sensor. When switched onto manual mode by pressing the small button below each knob, you turn that specific channel into manual control mode.


Part Number: PL-RS-6
Main Function PWM/Manual Fan Controller
Color Black
Material Aluminum and Mesh
DC Input +12 V (Standard 4 -Pin Connector)
DC Output 0V - 12 V DC
Max Output 30W*3
3-Pin Fan Connectors 6
Fan RPM Knobs 6
Compatibility 5.25" Drive bay
Dimensions(W*H*D) 148mm *42 mm * 82mm

Xoxide Zach says - Featuring the unique ability to control your case fans according to the PWM signal from your motherboard, these controllers essentially add PWM functionality to any regular case fan! I used one on my latest build and now I never need to worry about adjusting my fan speeds!