Sunbeam Solar Illuminated Keyboard - Silver

Sunbeam Solar Illuminated Keyboard - Silver
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Product Description

Sunbeam Solar Illuminated Keyboard - Silver
The Sunbeam Pro Series Solar Keyboard features a unique character only EL backlighting system that only lights up the shapes of the letters on the keys. This method of backlighting helps reduce distracting glare on your screen yet is still clear as day to read in the dark. A convenient EL on/off key is located on the Scroll Lock key for times when lighting is not necessary.

The keys of the Solar feature a light quick action similar to actions found on high end laptops for improved typing speed and comfort. Its sleek contemporary profile fits in perfectly with today’s modern desktops. Convenient hotkeys for Windows, Multimedia, and internet functions deliver optimum one touch control. So pick one up today, and let the Pro Series Solar Keyboard from Sunbeam be the star that sets your rig apart from the others.

  • Ultra slim design
  • Unique back light design lights up the characters on the keys
  • Sleek contemporary profile fits any desktop PC
  • Laptop-style keys with a softer action for faster typing
  • Soft and responsive key tough typing feeling
  • Convenient multimedia and internet hotkeys for one touch control
  • Interface: PS/2
  • Operating System: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT
  • Dimensions: 460 x 200 x 30mm
  • Supply Voltage: +5VDC
  • Agency Approvals: FC, CE
You must press the Scroll Lock Key to make this keyboard light up.