Sunbeam Trio Case - Black

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Product Description

Go ahead, look at one case. In fact, look at a second case too. But look at this case next, because the third time is a charm with the Trio case from Sunbeam! The Trio Case integrates a graphical analog display directly into the front bezel to provide you with information on how your system is running.

Three separate gauges read out temperature, sound pressure, and fan speed. A built-in control allows you to change the speed of your fans to allow for quiet or performance cooling. Convenient high speed I/O and audio ports further add to the value of this case. With plenty of room for drives, and all the other goodies you want to install, the Trio Case from Sunbeam will triple your computing pleasure!

  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Drive Bays:
    • 5.25 External: 4
    • 3.5 External: 2
    • 3.5 Internal: 5
  • Cooling:
    • 1 x 120mm or 2 x 80mm Optional Rear Fans
    • 1 x 120mm or 4 x 80mm Optional Front Fans
  • Front I/O Ports: USB2.0, IEEE1394 Firewire, Audio
  • Front Analog Displays:
    • Sound Pressure
    • Fan Speed with Adjustment
    • Temperature
  • Dimensions: 430 x 200 x 440mm