Sunbeam Wherever PCI Rack

Sunbeam Wherever PCI Rack
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Product Description

Sunbeam Wherever PCI Rack
The Sunbeam Wherever PCI Rack is one of the coolest and most useful products to hit the PC modding market. Its infinitely configurable design allows you to mount virtually anything you desire in the expansion slot area of your computer. Fans, lighting accessories, water cooling reservoirs, radiators, pumps, extra hard drives, laptop style hard drives, or even a double-decker motherboard set up can all be mounted with ease. The only limit to this product is your imagination, so rejoice o ye case modders and tech gurus for your prayers have been answered with the Wherever PCI Rack from Sunbeam!


  • Add extra bays of any size in any location
  • Improve components layout within the case
  • Easy to install
  • Unlimited uses