Super Talent LED Memory Cooler

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Product Description

Stop throwing water on your memory to cool it off every time it begins to get too hot. Just attach the Super Talent LED Memory Cooler to the memory socket latches, and watch as the two 40mm fans cool off your memory, maximizing your memory performance. The two fans also have 6 LED's in three different colors rotating in different patterns around the outside of each of the fans hub. This cooler is compatible with most RAM sockets and it has super strong clips to keep it attached through most situations. This comes complete with both 3 pin and 4 pin connectors for easy installation. So cool your memory and light up your box with the Super Talent LED Memory Cooler.

*Note: Our legal department would like to remind you to never throw water on any part of your computer, but we hope that you knew that already.

Super Talent LED Memory Cooler
Dimension (Folded) 150x45x20 mm Dimension (Unfolded) 150x45x60
Weight 80g Fan Speed 4500 RPM
Air Flow 6.72 CFM Rated Voltage DC 12V
Bearing Type Ball Bearing Connector 3 Pin & 4 Pin