Swiftech Apogee GTX Water Block

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Product Description

Swiftech is at it again taking an already killer pimp product and turning it into a supa-dupa-killa pimp product. Their ingenuitive sights have been set on the APOGEE Waterblock with the release of the all new super sexy APOGEE GTX CPU Waterblock!

The APOGEE GTX utilizes Swiftech's Computational Fluid Dynamics Diamond Pin Matrix design CNC machined into a solid block of C110 copper forming the heart of the APOGEE GTX. This offers the ultimate in cooling transfer efficiency between the waterblock and your CPU.

The GTX delivers a massive housing upgrade to the APOGEE with a CNC machined billet aluminum housing that is double coated to guard against corrosion! The housing also has fins machined into it to further aid in the cooling process.

All these features combined with the technologically superior APOGEE GT features combine to make the new Swiftech APOGEE GTX the pinnacle CPU Waterblock of 2007 and beyond!

  • Internal structure: the CNC machined C110 copper base plate is at the heart of Apogee water-block cooling efficiency. Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics, the Patent Pending Diamond Pin Matrix was further optimized in the 'GT' and 'GTX' versions resulting in increased surface area and coolant velocity. The base thickness remains at 3mm to promote a high compliance factor with its mating surface (i.e. the CPU heat spreader) thanks to the base plate flexing ability. This particular feature allows additional 'tweaks' to the Apogee generation of water-blocks and may yield substantial performance gains
  • The housing is CNC machined out of billet aluminum and receives two plating's for a lifetime protection against corrosion: Electro-less Nickel Plating (MIL-C-26074E grade B) and Zinc Cobalt Plating (ASTM B 840-99 grade 6). A black die is applied after plating strictly for cosmetic appeal
  • The Apogee GTX is shipped with hi-flow 1/2' chrome plated barb fittings and can be replaced with any aftermarket barb complying with the 1/4' BSPP standard
  • Application:
    • Intel:
      • LGA775
      • Socket 603/604 (Optional Hold Down Plate Required)
      • Socket 771 (Optional Hold Down Plate Required)
    • AMD:
      • Socket AM2 (Optional Hold Down Plate Required)
      • Socket 754/939/940 (Optional Hold Down Plate Required)
  • Barbs: 1/2' Chrome Plated Included
  • Port Threads: 1/4' BSPP Standard
  • Base Plate Dimensions: 2' x 2'