Swiftech EPSILON-HD5970 AC Full-Cover Water Block for Radeon HD5970

Swiftech EPSILON-HD5970 AC Full-Cover Water Block for Radeon HD5970
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Product Description

Swiftech EPSILON-HD5970 AC Full-Cover Water Block for Radeon HD5970


Named after the Epsilon Aurigae binary star system, the Epsilon™ series of waterblocks is a single slot, full cover liquid cooling solution for dual GPU graphic cards. "Full cover" means that the waterblock cools both GPU's, Voltage Regulators, I/O chip, memory modules, and other critical components.

Available Models:

    * The Epsilon GTX295, for nVidia® reference design (P658*) GeForce™ GTX295 graphics cards, is available with either clear polycarbonate or black acetal housing.
    * The Epsilon HD5970, for ATI® reference design Radeon™ HD5970 graphics cards, is available with black acetal housing, and features a custom high performance black-anodized aluminum back-plate

Superior Performance:
The Epsilon™ waterblock offers superior thermal performance at the GPU level thanks to an embedded thin-pin matrix located directly above the GPU areas. Flow restriction is moderate by design in order to take into account multiple water-blocks in the same loop.

Superior convenience for the user:
High thermal conductivity grease pads are pre-applied in the memory and mosfet areas for user convenience. Inlet and outlet ports are G1/4 compatible and spaced to accomodate large compression fittings. Short fittings are available for quad SLI setups.

Superior quality:
The CNC machined copper base is chrome plated for a durable and bright finish. Stainless steel standoffs are used to guaranty safe and reliable mounts to the PCB.


Base plate: Chrome plated C110 copper with 0.6mm Pin Matrix
Housing body: Clear polycarbonate or black acetal
Inlet/outlet port threads: 1/4" BSPP (G 1/4)
Thermal joint installation: thermal grease (GPU) and pre-applied pads for memory, nvio and mosfets
Dimensions (Inch): 9 1/2 " (L) x 4.9" (W) x .350" (H*)
Dimensions (Metric): 243mm (L) x 125mm (W) x 9mm (H*)
Weight: 33.5 oz (949 g)