Swiftech H2O-120 Compact Water Cooling Kit

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Product Description

Watercooling and simplicity are two words that are never used in the same sentence. Swiftech disagrees wholeheartedly. Introducing the H2O-120 Compact Watercooling Kit from Swiftech featuring the Apogee Drive System. The H2O-120 Compact effectively compacts the 4 main components of water cooling into 2 easy to install combination units.

The Apogee Drive 350 Self-Powered Waterblock combines the legendary MCP350 water pump and the Diamond Pin Matrix Apogee Waterblock into one easy to install unit. Sexy? We think so! The universality of this combinational unit allows for installation mounting on both Intel and AMD leading edge processors.

The H2O-120 Compact then combines the radiator and reservoir into one sturdy unit of glory. If it were old, we would call it Old Glory, but these are brand new so we do not. The Radiator/Reservoir mounts internally to the rear 120mm fan port on your case, or if your case lacks this size blowhole, it can be RadBox’d to the outside of your case.

Low porosity laboratory grade Norprene tubing, sleeved, and wrapped in anti-kinking Smartcoils are the veins that connect the Apogee Drive 350 and the Radiator/Reservoir combo. Easy to install, low maintenance, and the ability to upgrade and add additional cooling components are all found in the H2O-120 Compact Watercooling Kit from Swiftech!

  • High-flow , low-pressure drop system
  • Quiet 81CFM cooling fan and pump
  • Low maintenance system
  • Sleeved tubing with anti-kink Smartcoils
  • Easy, simplified installation over traditional watercooling kits
  • Apogee Drive 350 Self-Powered Waterblock:
    • Thermal Design: Diamond Pin Matrix Copper Base Plate
    • Pump Motor: Electronically Commutated Brushless DC Spherical Motor
    • Operating Voltage: 12VDC
    • Operating Current: .69A
    • Head: 10ft
    • Discharge: 300LPH
    • Fittings: 3/8" Barbs
    • Compatibility:
      • Intel:
        • Socket LGA775
        • < /ul>
        • AMD:
          • Socket AM2
          • Socket 940
          • Socket 939
          • Socket 754
          • Socket F
    • RDM1225S Fan
      • Primary Description: 120mm Class Fan, RPM Sensing
      • Bearing: Low Noise Sleeve Bearing
      • Voltage: 12VDC
      • Current: .23A
      • Speed: 2000RPM
      • Airflow: 81.3CFM
      • Noise: 36dBA
    • MCR120-Res Heat Exchanger
      • Primary Description: 120mm Class Radiator with Built-in Reservoir
      • Construction: Louvered Copper Fins, Brass Tubes and Body
      • Fittings: 3.8" Barbs

    NOTE: RadBox sold separately. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. Apply only to affected area. For off-road use only. Employees and their families are not eligible. At participating locations only.