Swiftech Komodo GTX275-P897 for nVidia GTX275

Swiftech Komodo GTX275-P897 for nVidia GTX275
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Swiftech Komodo GTX275-P897 for nVidia GTX275


The Komodo™ series of water-blocks are single slot, "full cover" liquid cooling solutions for VGA cards. Full-cover means that all critical components such as but not limited to GPU, memory and power mosfets are cooled by the water-block.

The following versions are available (see link to identify your board model):

    * Komodo GTX285-P891, for nVidia's initial release GeForce™ GTX285 P891 reference board (no longer manufactured)
    * Komodo GTX285-P892, for nVidida's current GeForce™ GTX285 P892 reference board.
    * Komodo GTX275-P897, for nVidia's current GeForce™ GTX275 P897 reference board.
    * Komodo-5800 for AMD/ATI 5850 & 5870 reference boards.

The Komodo™ concept offers superior thermal performance at the GPU level thanks to an embedded thin-pin matrix located directly above the GPU area. Flow restriction is moderate by design in order to take into account multiple water-blocks in the same loop, and is similar to that of the classic MCW60 (See pressure drop vs. flow rate curve below).

The base plate is made of chrome plated electrolytic copper, as opposed to commonly used nickel plating which is yellowish, and the top is CNC machined either in black cetal.

High thermal conductivity grease pads are pre-applied in the memory and mosfet areas for user convenience. Short barb fittings are included with the block for 3/8" or 1/2" tubing and compatible with dual or triple SLI setups.