Swiftech Komodo-NV GTX 780 Full Cover VGA Waterblock w/ Backplate

Swiftech Komodo-NV GTX 780 Full Cover VGA Waterblock w/ Backplate
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Product Description

The Komodo™NV GTX TITAN is a true full cover waterblock compatible with Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX Titan and GTX 780 graphics cards (reference design PCB P2083). The coolant flow path includes all critical components such as GPU, memory and power mosfets (voltage regulation modules, also called VRMs). Proper cooling of all the critical components contributes to overclocking stability and reliable operations. True full cover means that the block covers the entire PCB, leaving no components exposed to possible damages during handling.

The product is available in two versions: for GeForce™ GTX Titan, and for GTX 780. Other than the version markings on the face and bridge plates, the blocks are identical in construction and specifications.

Features and Benefits:
Why is the Komodo-NV a superior cooling solution ?
The only true full cover water-block The blocks cover the full length of the card and utilizes all the original circuit board mounting points; this results in superior thermal interface with all the components, but more importantly it prevents bending and/or damage to the card compared to competing solutions that leave critical components exposed for cost saving purposes; the Komodo-NV series continue this exclusive Swiftech® initiative as a true professional solution (an industry first).
Enhanced thermal performance The Komodo-NV series implement Swiftech's micro-pin matrix technology which features pins measuring 0.25x0.35mm; this design improves thermal performance even further and is closely comparable to that of the Swiftech's CPU waterblocks (0.25x0.25 micro-pins). This feature brings unrivaled thermal efficiency across the widest range of flow rates.
Moderate flow restriction by design The water channels have been optimized for optimum flow rate in order to take into account multiple waterblocks in the same loop; additionally, the high efficiency of the thermal design authorizes better thermal performance at lower flow rates, which is a critical feature for users of variable speed pumps such as the MCP35X who wish to tune down their pump RPMs for quiet operations, or for users with moderately powerful pumps.
Strict compliance to NVidia's design standards for a safe & professional installation Unlike any other blocks on the market, the Komodo-NV series implement Nvidia's standard PCB stiffener which prevents damage occurring to the fragile traces around the GPU area when the cooling solution is fastened to the PCB.
Illuminated bridge logo The bridge construction dramatically enhances the cosmetic appeal of the water-block when you can actually see it, i.e. when the block is installed into your computer and you can actually see it working, thanks to a back-lit logo, and elegant laser engraved markings. In addition to this, the Komodo-NV Titan features elegant stainless steel trimmings running along the edge of the block to accentuate its high-tech appearance.
High quality black anodized aluminum back-plate included A high quality black-anodized brushed aluminum back-plate is included with the product, and it serves to cool the memory modules, and to protect the fragile components at the back of the card during handling and/or installation.
True Chrome Plated copper base plate Maintenance-free, corrosion-free, discoloration-free, and a brighter whiter color: the precision CNC machined copper base plate is plated with true chrome, as opposed to commonly used nickel plating (which is yellowish).
Precision CNC machined housing The housing is precision CNC machined out of durable black POM acetal.
Pre-applied thermal pads High conductivity thermal pads are applied to the memory and VRM areas; there is no need to waste time cutting thermal pads as is often the case with other blocks; high quality Tim-Mate™ 2 thermal grease is included with the water-block for application to the GPU area.
SLI support Depending on your motherboard, up to four Komodo-NV GTX Titan waterblocks can be interconnected using Lok-Seal™ adjustable connector fittings.

What is included in the box
PCB Stiffener
Installation screws
Pre-installed thermal pads
Black-anodized brushed aluminum back-plate
Tim Mate 2 Thermal grease
(2) G1/4 plugs
Installation guide
Technical Specifications
Inlet & Outlet port thread standard:: 1/4" BSPP (G1/4)
Quality assurance: leak tested at 30 PSI
Thermal joints installation:
  • GPU: thermal compound (included)
  • Memory pre-installed 1mm thermal pads
  • Power Mosfets: pre-installed 1mm thermal pads
Housing material: Black POM acetal
Base Plate material: Chrome plated C110 copper
Back-plate material: Black anodized brushed aluminum
Dimensions: (L) 10.5" - 268mm x (W) 4.8" - 122mm x (H) .74" - 19mm (measured from GPU pedestal to top of housing)
Mass: 44 oz - 1247 g