Swiftech Maelstrom 5 1/4" Dual Bay Reservoir (w/ Dual MCP35X Pumps)

Swiftech Maelstrom 5 1/4" Dual Bay Reservoir (w/ Dual MCP35X Pumps)
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Product Description

Swiftech Maelstrom 5 1/4" Dual Bay Reservoir (w/ Dual MCP35X Pumps)
The Maelstrom 5 1/4" Dual Bay Reservoir is an advanced, versatile, and elegant coolant storage & recirculation system capable of operating either as a standalone unit, or with a single or a dual MCP35 class pump (MCP350, 355 or 35x).

The product is available in 5 versions:
  • Basic standalone reservoir
  • With factory pre-installed MCP35X housing (no pump) for DIY upgrade purposes.
  • With factory pre-installed MCP35X2 housing (no pump) for DIY upgrade purposes.
  • With factory pre-installed single PWM controlled MCP35X pump.
  • With factory pre-installed dual PWM controlled MCP35X pumps.
Features & Benefits:
  • Instant visualization of coolant level, cool factor:
    Fits in two 5 1/4" Bays with or without the pump(s) installed
    The image to the left shows the Maelstrom bay reservoir filled with various coolant colors.

  • Versatility, upgradability, extreme performance capability:
    Modular design
    The Maelstrom operates either in standalone mode, or with one or two built-in Swiftech MCP35x series pumps (MCP350, 355, or PWM controlled 35X) using an MCP35X-H (for single pump) or an MCP35X2-H (for dual pump) housing - All options are factory pre-installed.

  • Instant visualization of critical temperature data
    Coolant temperature display (in degrees Celsius)

  • Convenience & safety: Easy filling, no spills
    Extra large fill-port opening with finger-grip ribs on the chrome plated brass cap

  • Reliable operations
    Anti-vortex/anti-bubbles system
    A tube surrounding the pump inlet features various size openings in its wall and prevents the formation of a vortex, and air entrainment in the loop
    An open-cell sponge further traps micro-bubbles before their can re-enter the inlet

  • Performance, versatile loop configuration
    Up to 3 return lines can be installed for loop parallelization.
    Shown here with 3/4" compression fittings to illustrate compatibility

  • Cosmetic appeal: elegant and robust
    Solid black-anodized aluminum face-plate with robust brass inserts for invisible fixation

  • Cosmetic appeal: light up the coolant, cool factor
    Two pre-drilled holes for installing 3mm diodes
    (1 UV-LED is included)

  • Compatibility with all existing G1/4 fittings (compression, etc..)
    G1/4 port standard

  • Included 1/2" hose barbs & hose clamps
    Bonus: reduced cost of ownership (not included by our competitors)
* Notes regarding coolant temperature data:

When assessing various component temperatures in a conventional (non-refrigerated) liquid cooling system, ambient air is the primary baseline from which everything else derives, i.e. no heat-generating component can ever be cooler than, or equal to ambient. The second temperature data that can also be considered as a baseline is the coolant temperature: it reflects the sum of the ambient air temperature plus the temperature resulting from the component(s) heat load multiplied by the thermal resistance factor (in layman terms the heat dissipation efficiency) of the entire loop.

Thus, monitoring the coolant temperature in a liquid cooling system is essential at two levels: 1/ as an absolute value, you can monitor the cooling system health and be visually alerted of potential issues (overheating), and 2/ as a relative value compared to that of the ambient air, it provides a meaningful indicator of the system thermal performance and in particular its ability to dissipate the heat generated by the components under load. In this respect, the following table may provide a general guideline to assess the thermal performance of your liquid cooling system; please note that audible noise considerations will dramatically affect the qualifiers listed below. In effect, the lower the noise requirements are relative to the heat load, and the higher the thermal efficiency demand will be placed upon the system.

Coolant Temperature Minus Ambient Air temperature System qualification
Less than 5C Extreme system
Comprised between 5C and 10C Extreme to High-end system
Comprised between 10C and 20C High-end to Mid-range system
Comprised between 20C and 30C Mid-range to Entry-level system

  • Face plate: Black anodized aluminum
  • Reservoir: Clear Acetal
  • Brackets: Nickel plated steel
  • Fill cap: chrome plated brass
  • Fittings: black painted (electrophoresis) brass
  • Pump inlet: Black POM

  • 16 Oz (453g)
Coolant Capacity:
  • 234cm3 (7.9 fl oz)
Temperature controller
  • Molex 4-Pin power connector
  • Operating voltage: 5v
  • 3mm - UV
  • 3-Pin connector