Swiftech MCP655 Water Pump w/ Speed Controller

Swiftech MCP655 Water Pump w/ Speed Controller
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Product Description

One of the most critical parts of a water-cooling system is the water pump. Yes the water blocks, reservoirs, radiators, and tubing are all important, but these virtual capillaries, veins, lungs, and arteries are useless if their heart fails to beat. The Swiftech MCP655 Industrial Pump high output, high pressure, long-life, heavy duty water pump keeps your coolant flowing even under the harshest conditions.

Thanks to its new chipset microcontroller, the MCP655 stays quiet. Using proper coolant and additives, the pump requires no maintenance and its super long life motor will deliver you years of blissful pumping. So whether you are running a high-end gaming rig, graphical processing workstation, system server, or even if you are running a standard water-cooling system and want the healthiest heart money can buy, the MCP655 Industrial Pump from Swiftech is for you.

  • Superior real world performance versus any aquarium pump we have tested to this date
  • The MCP655 can be used with full confidence in any MP servers, and high-end workstations
  • Quiet operations thanks to new chipset controller
  • No maintenance when used with de-mineralized water, and anti-fungal additives
  • Speed can be adjusted for optimal performance with the included speed controller

  • Nominal Voltage: 12VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 6~14VDC
  • Nominal Power: 24W
  • Nominal Current: 2A
  • Motor Type: Brushless, Microprocessor Controller
  • Maximum Head: 10ft
  • Maximum Discharge: 317 GPH (1200LPH)
  • Maximum Pressure: 50PSI (3.5 BAR)
  • Temperature Range: 32F to 140F (0C to 60C)
  • Electrical Connector: Molex 4-pin
  • Weight: 1.4 LB (650gr)
  • Impeller Housing Material: Noryl