Swiftech MCW60-R VGA Water Block (3/8 & 1/2)

Swiftech MCW60-R VGA Water Block (3/8 & 1/2)
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Product Description

Swiftech MCW60-R VGA Water Block (3/8 & 1/2)
Evolved from the award-winning MCW55, the new Swiftech MCW60-R is the pinnacle of VGA water block technology. The design of the MCW60-R has been improved greatly over its predecessor.

This new cooling technology is compatible with all ATI Radeon and most nVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. It even fits SLI and Crossfire systems due to its low-profile design. Its cooling prowess comes from the fact that the waterblock is based on the Apogee CPU waterblock design, including the Diamond Pin Matrix cold plate. This VGA cooler will serve you and your video card well for many years to come.

  • Compatible with both ATI and nVIDIA cards
  • Compatible with 1/2", 3/8", and 1/4" watercooling systems
  • Compatible with Crossfire and SLI rigs
  • Has same great cooling power as Apogee CPU water block
  • Model: MCW60-R
  • Material: Acetyl Copolymer water block housing, CNC machined copper base
  • Compatibility:
  • SLI-Compatible: Yes
  • Crossfire-Compatible: Yes
  • Optional Copper BGA Heat Sink kit can be added below
NOTE: Some images feature the optional BGA Heat Sink Upgrade Kit! This option can be added below.