Swiftech MCX775-V Heatsink for P4 (LGA775)

Swiftech MCX775-V Heatsink for P4 (LGA775)
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Product Description

The MCX775-V™ heatsink is a high performance-low noise thermal solution for Intel® processors using the LGA775 socket, and also includes the Pentium® 4, Celeron®, and Core 2 Duo®. Featuring optimized performance characteristics at the lowest possible audible noise levels, this Swiftech Heatsink includes a massive 1/2" thick copper base that provides superior heat capacity for unparalleled stability in extreme load applications. The thin aluminum pins promote increased turbulence that allow for more efficient heat dissipation, a big improvement over the more traditional fin extrusions.

The MCX775-V also offers quick and easy fan installation. Literally installing "in a snap", the heatsink comes with convenient snap-in rivets.

*Designed to operate with 80mm fans only. Test data shows that 80mm fans perform in general better than 92mm fans with this heatsink, and at lower noise levels.

  • Includes massive 1/2" thick copper base (providing superior heat capacity)
  • Patented Helicoid pin design (U.S. patent 6,469,898): pins are individually machined in an helicoid shape, to increase their surface area, and further enhance heat dissipation efficiency.
  • Polished to near-mirror finish to promote optimum thermal conductivity
  • Includes convenient snap-in rivets for easy installation