Swiftech MCR320 Quiet Power 3x120mm Radiator

Swiftech MCR320 Quiet Power 3x120mm Radiator
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Product Description

The MCR320-QP (Quiet Power) series are extreme-duty liquid-to-air heat exchangers designed to be used with three 120mm fans, and specifically engineered for high-end liquid cooled Personal Computers. They are the result of months of research and development focused on optimizing thermal performance and audible noise characteristics with low to medium airflow types of fans.

The MCR320-QP series heat exchangers have been engineered to meet today's PC industry highest thermal loads, quality standards, and low noise requirements at competitive prices. If you need the ultimate watercooling solution, look no further than the Swiftech MCR320.

  • Triple 120mm fan form factor for ultimate surface area and cooling potential
  • Optimized for low to medium-output 120mm fans
  • Designed specifically to help you get the maximum overclock from your components
  • Brass tubes, copper louvered fins, and brass plenum chambers for optimum thermal conductivity
  • Fin design and density optimized for low noise
  • Flat chassis frame maximizes seal with fans for maximum cooling
  • Patent-pending self-purging plenum chambers combat air accumulation
  • Threaded fan and case mounting holes for easy installation
  • Brass design minimizes oxidation
  • Beautiful gloss acrylic finish
  • Model: MCR320-QP-K
  • Materials: Brass construction, copper fins
  • Compatability: 3/8" NPT
  • Dimensions: 128mm x 410mm x 34mm or 5" x 16" x 1.3" (W x H x D)
  • Screw Threads: M3.5