Swiftech Stealth Geforce 8 Water Block

Swiftech Stealth Geforce 8 Water Block
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Product Description

Swiftech Stealth Geforce 8 Water Block
This waterblock was named after the Stealth fight bomber because of its sleek shape and design. The Stealth Water Block was designed specifically for nVidia's high-end GeForce 8800 series graphics cards and is compatible with the 8800 GTS, GTX and Ultra models.

The Stealth is one of the best performing water-blocks on the market, using the same technology as the top CPU Water Blocks, the Apogee™ GT and GTX. The Stealth focuses it's cooling energy where it is most needed, at the GPU level. The aluminum housing maintains the lowest possible temperature of these surface mount components, which in turn allows you to overclock above and beyond factory specifications.

  • Internal structure: CNC machined C110 copper base plate
  • Housing: CNC machined out of billet aluminum and receives two plating treatments for a lifetime protection against corrosion
  • The port threads are 1/4" BSPP standard
  • The Stealth is shipped with 1/4" BSPP to 1/2" barb chrome fittings, and is also fully compatible with Swiftech's or other 1/4" BSPP to 3/8" barb fittings.
  • Spring loaded screws shipped with the Stealth are the same as those used in nVidia's stock aircooled solutions.