Swiftech MCW5002-A socket 462 Liquid Cooling Block

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Product Description


The MCW5002™ series of water-blocks is designed for extreme microprocessor cooling applications, where 1/2' ID (5/8' OD) tubing is desired. They can be used either in straight liquid cooling configuration, or in conjunction with thermoelectric cooling elements. This block comes with all necessary mounting hardware for a socket 462 processor.

  • Extreme performance:
    • 1/2' barb fittings, for maximum flow rate
    • Core Technology: Patent pending Diamond-Pin Matrix© copper base plate for optimal heat transfer, and turbulent flow:
    • 'Dropped-deck' housing, as featured in the MCW5000™ release 2 series water-blocks, to increase cooling fluid velocity through the Diamond-Pin Matrix© area.
  • Plug-and-Play, hassle-free installation:
    • Snaps directly into Intel® Pentium® 4 stock retention frame (socket 478), without removing the motherboard.
    • Snaps directly to AMD® socket 462 retention latches, without removing the motherboard.
    • Snaps directly into Intel® Xeon™ socket 603/604 retention frames without removing the motherboard
    • Bolts directly onto the newest AMD® Athlon™64 and Opteron™ retention frames

Performance Data...

How does the MCW5002™ compare to earlier versions ?

The graphs shown below compare the MCW5002™ series water-blocks to the earlier series of MCW5000™ which did not feature the new 'dropped-deck' configuration.

What are the differences between the new MCW5000 release 2™ series and the MCW5002™ ?

The only difference between the MCW5002™ and the current production MCW5000™ release 2 are the barbed connections which, when incorporated into a 1/2' ID system will result in an appreciably increased flow rate.


It can bee seen in the above graph that the flow resistance of the MCW5002™ is higher than the earlier version of the MCW5000™, due to the greater flow being forced through the Diamond Pin Matrix ©. This has the effect of increasing the flow velocity and improve heat transfer.

The above graph expresses the thermal resistance (C/W) in relation to system flow rate. It shows the substantial reduction in C/W (lower is better) afforded by the dropped deck revision.

Note: The water-block C/W should not be confused with the overall system C/W. The water-block C/W is based on the CPU to Coolant temperature difference divided by the heat load in Watts, whereas the system C/W is the CPU to air temperature difference measured at the fan inlet, divided by the heat load in Watts.

The C/W versus head loss graph shown above is useful to understand how the reduction in thermal resistance (better performance) is also accompanied by an increase in the flow resistance (reduced flow rate). Accordingly, the new MCW5002 is particularly well suited for use with the new MCP600™ pump which also features 1/2' barb connections, and a superior pressure capability.

MCW5002™ Specifications...

The upper deck of the housing is lowered to increase flow velocity through the Diamond-Pin Matrix©. This in effect improves the rate of heat transfer to the cooling fluid, and results in overall improved performance.
  • CNC machined aluminum L2.5'xW2.5'xH1.5'
  • Type II, class 2 blue anodized anti-corrosion treatment
  • 3/8' NPT threads for barb fittings

  • Base plate:
    • 0.500' (12.7mm) thick CNC machined copper base plate
    • Submersed face (0.250'/6.35mm) is CNC machined from billet to form Patent Pending Diamond-Pin Matrix©. Design increases heat dissipation surface, and flow turbulence to enhance heat transfer to cooling fluid.
    • Outer face is lapped flat to 3/10 of 1/1000', and mirror polished.
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