Swiftech MCX4000-T Thermoelectric P4 Heatsink

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Product Description

The MCX4000-T is a fully assembled air-cooled thermoelectric (Peltier) solution designed to manage thermal loads of up to 100 Watts. The product is intended for applications where liquid cooling is not an option.

-226 Watts Thermoelectric module
-Optimal cooling capacity: will dissipate 70 Watts continuous thermal load to ambient temperature with 80CFM fan.
-Hybrid copper base, thin aluminum pin heatsink: thanks to it's massive 3/8" thick copper base, the MCX4000-T is the first commercial air-cooled heatsink on the market capable of absorbing, and dissipating the combined thermal load produced by a thermoelectric module of this class, and the latest generations of Intel micro-processor.
-Patented Helicoid pin design (U.S. patent 6,469,898) : pins are individually machined in an helicoid shape, to increase their surface area, and further enhance heat dissipation efficiency.
-The 1/2" thick cold plate is also fully insulated to eliminate condensation

Recommended fan: 80mm fan with a minimum 68 CFM rating. Performance of the device is tightly dependant on the heat dissipation provided by the fan. Careful consideration should be given to the choice of fan, depending on the thermal load, and operating conditions.

The MCX4000-T is designed exclusively for Intel Pentium 4 (socket 478) processors. The MCX4000-T retention mechanism requires removal of Intel®'s heatsink retention frame, and necessitates removal of the motherboard from the computer case.The retention mechanism is designed to prevent damage to the processor during installation or removal of the heatsink.