Taisol K7 Heat Pipe Cooler

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Product Description

The Taisol Heat Pipe Cooler utilizes Taisol's new heat pipe technology.  This new technology makes it possible for the cooler to handle chips even beyond the XP2200+.    The cooler fits all Socket A and Socket 370 chips. Specifications:

Fan Size 70 x 70 x 15mm, 1 ball
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Input Current 0.14 (Max. 0.24) A
Input Power 1.68 (Max 2.88) W
Speed 3300 RPM
Max Air Flow 28.1 CFM
Fan Life 40,000 Hours
Noise Level 30 DBA
Connector 3 Pin-Molex
Approved UL,CSA,VDE,CE
Heatsink Material AL6063-T5 and Heatpipe
Dimension 90 x 86 x 86mm
Weight 330gm