TD Freek Joystick Mod

TD Freek Joystick Mod
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TD Freek Joystick Mod
The TD Freek was created for all of you armchair quarterbacks who dream in X's and O's and love the sound of crunching pads. A must-have for fans of Madden and NCAA Football, the TD Freek helps you gain the upper thumb during tense situations, like fourth and goals, when precision is a must.

The convex, laced thumb pad looks great and features grip second to none. Take control of your ball-carrier like never before: juke, spin, stutter and high step with greater ease thanks to the added comfort and leverage that the TD Freek provides.

On the other side of the ball: break through the offensive line, target the QB and sack him dead-on due to the increased accuracy 40% more leverage allows. In short, this increased accuracy and decreased thumb-fatigue puts the game in your hands. Period.

With Madden 11's new engine that places a higher emphasis on agility and acceleration, you'd be crazy to play without the TD Freek!

TD Freeks are sold in packs of two, so grab a pair and dominate!