Techflex Wire Sleeving Kit (UV Blue)

Techflex Wire Sleeving Kit (UV Blue)
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Product Description

This Techflex Sleeving Kit is UV Reactive. We recommend UV cold cathode lights, which can be added below, to get the full UV effect.

Flexo sleevings are extremely useful and versatile. They can be used in wire harnessing and for computer and home entertainment cable management, wire control and general use where abrasion, wear, or general safety around the home are a concern.

These Expandable Braided Sleevings are manufactured from different thicknesses of monofilament yarns made from various types of poly materials and fibers. These yarns are braided in combinations of materials and patterns to achieve durability, expandability and for ease of installation. Each product or grade is specifically engineered for characteristics such as abrasion resistance, flame retardance, low outgassing and aesthetics.

  • Easy to install
  • Put the finishing touch on your custom case mod
  • Reduces case heat by improving airflow around critical components
  • Sleeving expands up to 150% to fit over plugs and connectors
  • 10 ft. 1/8" sleeving
  • 10 ft. 1/4" sleeving
  • 5 ft. 3/8" sleeving
  • 5 ft. 1/2" sleeving
  • 12 tie wraps
  • 1 ft. 9 mm heat shrink tubing
  • 1 ft. 18 mm heat shrink tubing
  • 6 in. 24 mm heat shrink tubing