The Xoxide X-Travaganza Annual Clearance Sale

It's here! The one event you waited an entire year for! Yeah you know what it is! It's the annual new year Xoxide X-Travaganza Total Warehouse Clearance Sale!

This once a year event lets you the customer take full advantage of Xoxide’s ordering oversight with one BIG ASS SALE! This weekend only, for 48 whole hours, OVER 100 products will be reduced to absolute ROCK BOTTOM PRICING!

The new 2005 products are knocking at our door, and we need room in our warehouse. Everything must go for us to have room for these hot new products. So from 12:00AM EST Saturday until 11:59PM EST Sunday, we will be having the biggest sale ever in Xoxide history!

Don’t let this rare opportunity to really stick it to us slip by, because once it’s over, it is gone till next year!