Thermalright ChillFactor Thermal Compound

Thermalright ChillFactor Thermal Compound
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Product Description

What good is a high performance heatsink if you use crappy old silicon paste? Thermalright's ChillFactor Thermal Compound is designed to deliver the ultimate interface between your CPU and Heatsink base.

It is comprised of minuscule thermally conductive particles in an easy to spread paste that are designed to fill microscopic air gaps with just the right amount of material to properly transfer heat. Each tube contains copious amounts of ChillFactor for you to utilize for years to come!

  • Electrical impedance and thermal resistant
  • Contains no health hazardous chemical and non-electrical conductive
  • Easy application, spreads easily, and easy to clean
  • Contains minuscule thermally conductive particles to fill air gaps with just right amount of consistency that’s not too fluidal and not too thick to prevent CPU from being pulled off its socket during removal of heatsink.
  • Generous volume and competitively priced
  • Color: White
  • Volume: 4.8ml
  • Thermal Impedance: 0.047
NOTE: Reminder, as with any high performance thermal compound, to achieve best result and maintain proper heat conduct, be sure to clean your heatsink often and clean aging thermal compound off CPU to re-apply Chill Factor every 12 month.