Thermalright TRUE Copper CPU Cooler

Thermalright TRUE Copper CPU Cooler
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Product Description

Thermalright TRUE Copper CPU Cooler
When compared to other CPU coolers on the market, it's clear that Thermalright has become the true standard. Considered to be the ultimate cooling device, the company has upped the drool-potential of their cooling components once again with the Thermalright TRUE Copper CPU Cooler. Boasting six highly efficient heatpipes, the True Copper has soldered every vital piece of the cooler to them to ensure the highest rate of heat transfer and enhanced durability.

The high quality copper material of this Thermalright CPU Cooler allows for consistent heat absorption and transfer, and a proprietary bent winglet design allows for minimized airflow resistance. In addition, the Thermalright TRUE Copper CPU Cooler also comes complete with a 52pc stack of copper fins, which is WAY more fins than any other heatsink on the market. Best of all, the component can be covered entirely by an optional 120mm fan, which will allow the device to absorb all in-coming air flow.

Also included is two sets of fan wire clips (for dual 120mm fan installation), bolt-thru-board retention mechanisms for Intel 775 and AMD AM2, and the new Chill Factor 2 Thermal Paste for enhanced conductivity.

  • High Quality Copper Material
  • Consistent Heat Absorption & Transfer
  • 6 Strategically Positioned High Quality 6mm Heatpipes
  • Proprietary Bent Winglet Design (minimizes airflow resistance)
  • Heatpipes Soldered to Nickel-Plated Base & Fins
  • 52pc Stack of Copper Fins (more than any other heatsink on the market!)
  • Vast Compatibility List for Multiple Multi-Core CPUs & Platforms
  • Bolt-Thru Board Retention Mechanisms for Intel 775 & AMD AM2 (Backplate Included)
  • 2 Sets of Fan Wire Clips Included (for optional duo-120mm fan installation)
  • Chill Factor 2 Thermal Paste (Included for better conductivity)
  • Dimension: 133 x 156 x 38mm
  • Weight: 1900g (Heatsink Only)
  • Recommended Fan: 120mm
  • 6 x Heat Pipes
  • Material: Copper