Thermalright HR-03 Plus VGA Cooler

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Product Description

HR03-Plus? The original HR03 was pimp these new cards really require a Plus update? YES! The previous nVIDIA 7XXX Series produced up to a sweltering 180W of heat. The new 8XXX Series, can and does produce as much as an unbelievable 300W!!! Uhhh? We need more fins, more surface area, more heatpipes, and we need them ASAP!

Hence the HR-03 Plus with all of the above, and with 6 heatpipes and with Thermalright’s world class patented design. From the moment you first boot you will see how the HR-03 utterly decimates not only the whimsical stock cooler, but other aftermarket coolers alike. In fact, HR-03 Plus can and will even compete head to head with some of best water-cooling VGA coolers!

The HR-03 Plus utilizes a solid copper base with increased size to allow for the GeForce 8800's increased GPU die size. The HR-03 Plus gives you the flexibility to choose from two installation methods and installs easily without any tools. For super hardcore gaming enthusiasts, the HR-03 is SLI compatible allowing you to run dual cards each with a HR-03 installed!

  • Six heatpipes for maximum heat transfer between the block and the fins
  • Proprietary two-heatsinks-soldered-to-form-as-one design to maximize cooling capacity
  • Six heatpipes soldered immensely close to heatsink fins to increase heat transfer efficiency
  • Dual mounting configurations to accommodate your installation needs
  • Light weight and easy to use no-tool installation
  • SLI compatible for serious gaming enthusiasts
  • Cosmetically contoured design for sweet looks
  • Compatibility:
    • nVIDIA:
      • GeForce 8800 GTX
      • GeForce 8800 GTS
  • Weight: 410g
  • Dimensions: 133 x 156 x 38mm