Thermalright SI-120 CPU Cooler

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Product Description

The SI-120 is designed to handle high power processors that consume more then 100 watts of power, including dual core CPUs from AMD and Intel. It utilizes a 120mm fan mount to cool not only the CPU, but also your motherboard’s MosFETs and chipsets under its enormous wingspan. Despite its size, the SI-120 is surprisingly lightweight due to Thermalright’s ingenuitive design process.

Its nickel plated solid copper base is designed to efficiently draw heat away from your CPU and up through 5 heatpipes soldered to aluminum fins to be dissipated into the air. Multiple platform compatibility and no know compatibility issues with today’s current motherboards make the SI-120 from Thermalright a smart choice.

  • 120mm Recommended fan for maximum cooling capability
  • Multiple heatpipes to spread heat quickly and evenly around the aluminum fins
  • Soldered fins to nickel plated copper base to make efficient contact
  • Light weight with easy installation
  • Multiple platform compatibility
  • Enormous wingspan gives extra cooling to MOSFET or NB chipset
  • Compatibility:
    • AMD:
      • Athlon 64 FX Socket 939
      • Athlon 64 FX Socket 940
      • Athlon 64 Socket 754
    • Intel:
      • Pentium 4 Socket 478
      • LGA775 (With Optional RM Available Below)
  • Weight: 400g (Heat Sink Only)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 135 x 125 x 90 (mm)