Thermalright HR-07 TRIO Memory Cooler - Type H

Thermalright HR-07 TRIO Memory Cooler - Type H
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Product Description

Small in scale to allow users more space in their PC, the Thermalright HR-07 TRIO Memory Cooler provides a simple and effective way to cool your system. Extending the life expectancy of your memory module, the HR-07 RAM Cooler includes double heatpipes that connect to double heatsinks, allowing clean and efficient cooling to run rapidly throughout your PC.

The HR-07 is built to support triple-channel Mode, and even features the option to install onto all four of it's memory slots. This Thermalright cooler is vastly compatible with multiple types of memory, and also includes proprietary through-holes on each of it's fins, which provides effective ventilation in passive mode. To sweeten it's support, this "Type H" Thermalright HR-07 TRIO Memory Cooler can be installed without the use of tools, allowing you to keep the manufacturer's warranty intact without having to worry about voiding it.

  • Double heatpipes to double heatsinks for fast and efficient cooling
  • Proprietary through holes on every fin for efficient ventilation in passive mode
  • Vast compatibility across multiple types of memories
  • No tools needed for an easy installation keeping manufacturer’s warranty in tact without voiding it
  • Supports triple-channel Mode. Option to install on all four memory slots
  • Warranty in tact without voiding it
  • Model: HR-07 TRIO TYPE H
  • Dimensions: 128 x 19 x 85.28mm (High Version)
  • Weight: 85g (High Version)