Thermaltake Big Typhoon 5 in 1 Heatpipe Cooler (CL-P0114)

Thermaltake Big Typhoon 5 in 1 Heatpipe Cooler (CL-P0114)
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Product Description

Thermaltake Big Typhoon 5 in 1 Heatpipe Cooler (CL-P0114)
Gargantuan! Massive! Vast! Gigantic! Mammoth! Colossal! Immense!

No, we're not talking about your high school lunchlady, we're talking about the Thermaltake Big Typhoon Heatpipe Cooler! This behemoth of a heatsink utilizes a solid copper base connected to 6 copper heatpipes that intersect 142 aluminum fins! A silent 120mm Thermaltake Big Typhoon fan pushes 54.4CFM at an almost inaudible 16dBA! Included are clips to allow for serious cooling of today’s hottest super high performance processors! Wow, sixteen whole exclamation marks had to be used in the writing of the description of the titanical Big Typhoon Heatpipe Cooler from Thermaltake!

  • Application for Intel P4 LGA775 and AMD K7/K8
  • 6 heatpipes transfer the heat quickly
  • High density aluminum fins provide more surface area for good heat dissipation
  • Copper base to ensure best performance
  • 12cm silent fan provides excellent performance at only 16dBA
  • Intel:
    • P4 LGA775
    • P4 478 Prescott FMB1.5
  • AMD:
    • Socket AM2
    • Athlon 64
    • Athlon 64 FX
    • Athlon XP
    • Sempron
  • Heatsink Dimensions: 122 x 122 x 103mm
  • Heatsink Material: Copper Base & Aluminum Fin
  • Number of Fins: 142
  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Starting Voltage: 7V
  • Power Input: 3.6W
  • Fan Speed: 1300rpm +/-10%
  • Heatpipe: Copper Tube (ø6mm) x 6pcs
  • Max Airflow: 54.4CFM
  • Max Air Pressure: 1.86mm H2O
  • Noise: 16dBA
  • Connector: 3-pin
  • Weight: 813g (28.70oz)