Thermaltake BigWater UV Reactive Liquid Coolant (CL-W0044)

Thermaltake BigWater UV Reactive Liquid Coolant (CL-W0044)
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Product Description

Thermaltake BigWater UV Reactive Liquid Coolant (CL-W0044)
Replacement coolant for the Thermaltake Bigwater, Aquarius Series, and any liquid water cooling system. Please follow all Waring labels! As per manufacturer’s instructions, it is absolutely imperative that you Do Not Drink this product!

If you looking for cooled fitting Thermaltake water, look no further. This Thermaltake tubing water is great for keeping your computer and cpu at cool refreshing temperatures. It's the equivalent of your computer enjoying a nice water ice while you take your computer to speeds you could only imagine.

  • Effectively lowers the temperature of the water cooling system
  • Protects against rust, cavitation, and corrosion
  • Works with any kind of water cooling system
  • Anti-freeze properties keep your computer lines protected during transportation and storage in cold climates
  • Highly UV reactive
  • Size: 500 CC
  • UV Reactive: Yes
  • Active Ingredient: Ethylene Glycol