Thermaltake Black Element Gaming Mouse - Combat White

Thermaltake Black Element Gaming Mouse - Combat White
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Product Description

Thermaltake Black Element Gaming Mouse - Combat White
Tt eSPORTS COMBAT WHITE series offers gamers an alternative choice for their gaming gears. Since the beginning of 2012 this new design series successfully attracted e-Sports community's attention, intrigued over this unorthodox pro-gaming mouse appearance. In Summer 2012, Tt eSPORTS is launching an additional member of the COMBAT WHITE series - the BLACK Element COMBAT WHITE. Sharing the same Tt eSPORTS commitment in delivering the most gaming-oriented pro-gaming mouse, the BLACK Element COMBAT WHITE is made for all gamers and for all game genres, and extra good in MMORPG or RTS games. Featuring powerful 6500 DPI Laser Sensor Engine and capable of saving up to 45 macro keys within 5 game profiles, the BLACK Element COMBAT WHITE enhances your gaming competitiveness all the way to victory.

The BLACK Element COMBAT WHITE design concept is unique in its white body-line stripes at both sides of the mouse, and obtrusively standing-out when both the scroll wheel and light pipes are glowing. The overall presentation is a strikingly beautiful design for a mouse to possess. Different angles project different degrees of industrial excellence, designed exclusively by Tt eSPORTS.


COMBAT WHITE design language has become a platform for creativity. A freedom to create and to customize the outlook of a mouse.

When applying COMBAT WHITE design concept onto BLACK Element, the result is a strikingly beautiful pro-gaming mouse.

Aesthetics, Functionality, Individualism. COMBAT WHITE design on BLACK Element intimately touches the heart of each gamer.

And it's also a powerful laser-engine equipped arsenal. Up to 6500 DPI and internal 128kb on-board memory, BLACK Element COMBAT WHITE allows 45 macro keys to be saved within 5 game profiles.


Segmented Rubber-Coating Finish with dark coloring on top, and white coloring at sides, creating an instant contrasting visual sensation. 5 different lighting color choices to display on the scroll wheel and light pipies.

BLACK Element COMBAT WHITE gives you a total of 9 macro keys to program, to customize, and to ultimately assist your gaming with extra nicer and smoother!

*Customize macro keys with graphical user's interface for advanced performance. The ridge of HYPERION backbone is reinforced with 3 separate claws that firmly snatch the pillar, exerting triple force handling strength and steadiness of the headphone cradle.

Mouse Specification:
Color black/white
DPI 6000
Sensor Type Laser
No. of Buttons 9
Memory Size 128kb
No. of Macro Keys 45
No. of Game Profiles 5
Lighting Effect Yes
Pause-Break Effect Yes
Color Options 7
USB cable length 1.8m braided
Weight-In Design Yes
Graphical UI Yes
Industrial Rubber-Coating Yes
Gold-Platted USB Yes
Dimension 123.8 x 66.7 x 41.6mm