Thermaltake Gamma Pad Gaming Surface

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Product Description

A good gaming surface could mean the difference between life and death. Well, life and death of your gaming character. With that in mind, we would like to introduce the Thermaltake Gamma Pad Gaming Surface. Not only is this an excellent mouse pad for both optical and ball driven mice, but it looks really great at the same time. The gaming surface is surrounded by an acrylic base containing tiny bubbles throughout. These tiny bubbles are highly reflective of the 12 LED's that shine throughout the pad. There are also seven different colors that can be selected to shine bright. At the top of the mouse pad is a tiny button that allows you to select the color, or will also auto cycle throughout the colors. You can also turn the LED's off or on at any time. This mouse pad plugs directly into your USB port for power through the 1.8M long cord. The large gaming surface itself is 288 x 228mm. So don't get fragged by using an plain old mouse pad. Make an impression online and offline.




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