Thermaltake iXoft HeatShift Thermal Pad Notebook Cooler - Black

Thermaltake iXoft HeatShift Thermal Pad Cooler - Black
Thermaltake iXoft HeatShift Thermal Pad Cooler - Black
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Product Description

Thermaltake iXoft HeatShift Thermal Pad Cooler - Black
A laptop cooler that works...i mean really REALLY works! And it does it completely without fans, electricity, or any electrical or moving components at all! Introducing Thermaltake's iXoft with HeatShift Technology. This incredible product works by wicking heat away from hotspots, and evenly distributing it across its surface for speedier and more even dissipation.

The iXoft is lightweight and folds or rolls up for easy portability. It can be used on a desktop, your lap, or virtually any surface that you want to use your laptop on. If you need a portable laptop cooler that works and doesn't draw any power from your computer, then the iXoft with HeatShift Technology from Thermaltake is the laptop cooler for you!

  • Revolutionary fanless design for absolute silence
  • Exclusive HeatShift technology for ultimate laptop cooling
  • Ultra light weight for easy transportation and carrying
  • Soft and durable material designed for maximum portability
  • iXoft can be used as a thermal mat on laps for better comfort
  • Application for all types of notebook (12"~17")
  • Does not require power from laptop so laptop battery lasts longer
  • Weight: 640g
  • Dimensions: 353 x 305 x 12mm