Thermaltake LGA-1366 Water Cooling Clip

Thermaltake LGA-1366 Water Cooling Clip
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Product Description

Thermaltake LGA-1366 Water Cooling Clip
As many modders know, Intel has officially launched its new Core i7. This incredible CPU features some of the most advanced micro-architecture available, and is built to deliver better performance and higher efficiency.

Thanks to the Thermaltake LGA-1366 Water Cooling Clip, you can also experience the power of Core i7 with this optional upgrade clip for LGA 1366, which offers the ability to support both the Thermaltake DIY L.C.S and L.C.S Case. By using this clip, current Thermaltake Liquid Cooling System users can reap the many benefits of the Intel Core i7 CPU without having to worry about replacing their current water-cooled system.

This Thermaltake LGA1366 upgrade kit (P/N: A242331) supports:
  • DIY L.C.S and L.C.S cases: DIY L.C.S (Liquid Cooling System)