Thermaltake Rhythm HTPC External Water Cooling Kit (CL-W0042)

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Product Description

We at are proud to introduce the Thermaltake Rhythm liquid cooling system. This sleek and innovative system is perfect for your HTPC. If air cooling is too noisy or ineffective on your home theater PC, upgrade to liquid cooling without sacrificing aesthetics. This external liquid cooling system has everything you need to better cool that HTPC of yours.

This HTPC kit reads like your dream water cooling kit. Your CPU is cooled by a pure copper waterblock. From there, the water flows into a giant aluminum radiator, where the heat is dissipated by two powerful yet silent 120mm fans. Liquid is moved through the system by an 84 L/hour pump.

  • All-aluminum design
  • Stereo style foot stands
  • Includes pedestal for optional vertical mounting
  • Attractive system-on lighting
  • Extended aluminum radiator
  • Pure copper CPU waterblock
  • 84 Lph pump
  • Twin 120mm fans
  • Attractive design integrates beautifully into home theater setup
  • Model: CL-W0042
  • Application: HTPC
  • Material: Aluminum chassis, aluminum radiator, copper waterblock
  • Dimensions: 430mm W x 271mm D x 75.7mm H
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 775, Socket 478; AMD K8, K7
  • Pump: 12V DC, 84 lph
  • Cooling:
    • Fans: Dual 120mm
    • Speed: 1400rpm
    • Noise: 16 dBA
    • Radiator: 72cm x 12cm
  • Maintenance-Free Period: 10,000 hours