Thermaltake Sonic Tower 4-in-1 Heatpipe Cooler

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Product Description

The Thermaltake Sonic Tower with Heatpipe Cooling Technology represents an epiphany in silent cooling solutions. Its refined and elegant shape is good for more then just its looks.

Twin 55 dense fin heatpipe cooling sonic towers with over an inch of airflow space in-between, offer superior heat dissipation into the air. A solid copper base quickly and efficiently wicks heat away from your sweltering CPU core. The ability to mount an optional 120mm fan opens the doors of endless opportunity for ultra-performance users.

So cool your processor the smart and silent way with the Sonic Thermaltake Tower with Heatpipe Cooling Technology

  • Designed for LGA775, K8, P4, and K7
  • High performance fanless CPU cooler, 0dB cooling solution, reduces total system noise
  • Heatpipe technology transfers the heat quickly
  • More surface area gives good heat dissipation
  • Aluminum fin soldered to a copper base, perfect contact material ensures the best performance
  • Specially designed fan holder can secure an optional 12cm fan
  • Heatsink Dimensions: 112mm x 112mm x 150mm
  • Heatsink Material: Copper Base & Aluminum Fins
  • Fins: 110
  • Compatibility:
    • Intel:
      • P4 LGA775
      • P4 478 Prescott FMB1.5
    • AMD:
      • Athlon 64
      • Athlon 64 FX
      • Athlon XP
      • Semperon
  • Heatpipe: Copper Tube 6mm x 3
  • Weight: 692g, 24.43oz