Thermaltake SViking VA4000BWS Computer Case

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Product Description

The Thermaltake SViking computer case brings style, features, and ease of use together with an appealing price. Thermaltake has combined some of their great features and know how to create a very consumer friendly case in terms of overall features and value.

The Thermaltake SViking VA4000 comes stock with two 120mm cooling fans, one located in the front, the other in the back, to ensure sufficient airflow throughout the case. The case also has dual front USB 2.0 and audio and speaker jacks. In addition the case comes preloaded with a Thermaltake fan controller to record and adjust system temperature. The fan controller / monitor has a blue back lit display, an alarm system with red LED light for overheating, and two independent channels for fan control.

Finally, the Thermaltake SViking VA4000 offers a swinging front door to conceal mismatched drives, and over an overall more attractive look. The case all features a full side window so everyone can check out all your goodies inside and a locking door, to keep your things safe.

The Thermaltake SViking supports micro and standard ATX motherboards.

  • Model: Thermaltake SViking VA4000BWS
  • Dimensions: 440 x 200 x 505 mm
  • Drive Bays: 10
    • External: 5
      • 4 x 5.25'
      • 1 x 3.5'
    • Internal: 5
      • 5 x 3.5'
  • Motherboard Types: Micro ATX, Standard ATX
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Fan Specs: 1300 - 2000 RPM, 21 dBA
Thermaltake SViking VA4000BWS Computer Case
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Front View Door Open
Lockable Front Door Front access Dual USB2.0 / Audio & Speaker / IEEE1394
Romovable Foot Stand Lockable Side Panel for added security