Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Cooler

Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Cooler
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Product Description

Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Cooler
This CPI Cooler might look like it has the core power module from Iron Man, but we'll settle for a LED Fan, too. This CPU has


  • Utility Tower Structure
    - 51 Aluminum Fins & 4 copper heatpipes

  • 12cm VR™ Fan with Blue LED
    - Shinning vision, high performance, & fan speed control available

  • Utility Tower Structure with 4 Copper Heatpipes
    - conducts heat effectively from CPU and get more surfaces to dissipate

  • 12cm VR™ Fan
    - allows you to adjust the fan speed for your need

  • Absolutely Quiet
    - 12cm fan could make good cooling effect at only low fan speed and generate minimum noise at the same moment

  • Integrated Airflow Design
    – the heat could be taken off by 12cm sideward fan and system fan from chassis to make dual cooling effects

  • Scurve™ Blade Fan with Shinning Visual Effect
    – not only keeps air convention in chassis but also cares about the aesthetics with blue LED light


    Compatibility Intel® Core 2 Extreme / Quad / Duo (Socket LGA775)
    Intel® Pentium D / 4 (Socket LGA775)
    Intel® Pentium (Socket LGA775)
    Intel® Celeron D (Socket LGA775)
    Intel® Celeron (Socket LGA775)

    AMD® Latest 6-Core Processors
    AMD® Phenom II X6 / X4 / X3 / X2 (Socket AM3/AM2+)
    AMD® Phenom X4 / X3 (Socket AM3/AM2+)
    AMD® Athlon II X4 / X3 / X2 (Socket AM3)
    AMD® Athlon 64 FX / X2 (Socket AM2/939)
    AMD® Athlon 64 (Socket AM2/939/754)
    AMD® Sempron (Socket AM2/939/754)

    * Supports All CPUs up to 130W TDP
    Heatsink Dimension 140 (L) x 97.37 (W) x 160 (H) mm
    5.51 (L) x 3.83 (W) x 6.3 (H) in
    Heatsink Material 51 Aluminum Fins w/ Copper & Aluminum Base
    Heatpipe Ø 6 mm x 4
    Fan Dimension Ø 120 x 25 mm
    Fan Speed 1300 ~ 2100 RPM
    Noise Level 20 dBA
    Max. Air Flow 70.28 CFM
    Max. Air Pressure 2.51 mmH2O
    LED Fan Blue LED
    Power Connector 3 Pin
    Rated Voltage 12 V
    Started Voltage 7 V
    Rated Current 0.12 ~ 0.55 A
    Power Input 6.6 W
    MTBF 30,000 Hours
    Weight 684 g