Guillemot Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro Racing Wheel w/ Clutch Edition

Guillemot Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro Racing Wheel w/ Clutch Edition
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Product Description

Guillemot Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro Racing Wheel w/ Clutch Edition
Any true fan of racing simulators or driving games craves the most realistic experience possible. Thankfully, the Guillemot Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro Racing Wheel - Clutch Edition is here to provide virtual drivers with one of the most authentic controller systems that has ever been available.

Boasting an exclusive "5 Axes" Mode, 3 Pedals, powerful Force Feedback Technology, 2 Sequential Shifter System options, and a slew of multi-functional buttons, the Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro is just about as close to the real thing as you can get.

The only 5-axis Racing Wheel currently available for the PC, Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro allows the player to bind progressive controls for the clutch, cockpit view, hand brake and other controls to the paddles below the sequential shifter paddles. Also included with the Thrustmaster is an excellent force feedback system (powered by Immersion) that utilizes dual pulleys and belts for smooth feedback, and can easily be toggled on and off with the single press of a button.

The "Clutch Edition" of the Thrustmaster also comes with 2 “Sequential Shifter System” options, which allows the player to choose between Rally or GT styles. This system features one full-size sequential gearshift stick, and two reinforced wheel-mounted sequential levers. All in all, if you want to add a serious dosage of enhanced realism to your PC racing experience, the Guillemot Thrustmaster Rally GT Pro Racing Wheel w/ Clutch Edition is the perfect device for the job.

  • Exclusive "5 Axes" Mode:
    • Axe 1 : Wheel
    • Axe 2 : Accelerator
    • Axe 3 : Brake
    • Axe 4 : Clutch / Left Cockpit Progressive View
    • Axe 5 : Handbrake / Right Cockpit Progressive View
  • Realistic Foot Control (Including Brake Pedal Resistance)
  • Two Pedal Positions: "Double-Clutch” & “Cockpit”
  • Pedal Set-up for ‘Heel & Toe’ Downshifting
  • Large Robust Aluminum Pedals
  • Functional Wheel Buttons:
    • 10 Action Buttons (w/ 14 locations)
    • Navigation Cross Button (To Customize Your Vehicle)
    • Twin Wheel-Mounted Progressive Levers
    • Twin Wheel-Mounted Sequential Levers
    • Exclusive Force Button (Activates/Deactivates Center Return)
  • Oversized tube + full rubber grip + 270° turning angle
  • Metal axis / ball-bearing steering mechanism
  • Belt-driven Gear System (Smooth & Silent Gear Changing)
  • Clamping System (Ideal for tables up to 5cm thick)
  • Powerful Immersion Force Feedback (Touch Sense Technology)
  • FFB On / Off Toggle Button
  • 2 x “Sequential Shifter System” Options (choose between Rally or GT)
  • 1 x Full-Size Sequential Gearshift Stick
  • 2 x Reinforced Wheel-Mounted Sequential Levers
  • System Requirements:
    • PC USB (USB1 or USB 2)
    • Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP or Vista